Chocolate & Cherry Cake
The Chocolate & Cherry Cake is a delicious combination of sponge chocolate, fruit filling red ch..
Chocolate Puff Cake
Our Chocolate Cream Puff Cake is one layer of chocolate frosted cake, topped with vanilla flavored c..
Copa Banana Cake
Wish them a Happy Birthday in a truly tasteful way when you send someone special this Copa Banana ba..
Fruit Cake
According to legend, fruitcake was the world's first "energy bar" used by the Romans to fortify sold..
Fruit Forest Cake
Celebrate any occasion in an exceptional way with this yummy Fruits Forest Cake. Order and send the ..
Kit Kat Maltesers Cake
The Kit Kat Maltesers Cake is made of a sweet combination of chocolate sponge cake, fudge cream, Mal..
Le Havane Cake
Drippingly delicious! Enrobed entirely in dripping delicious chocolate, this Le Havane Cake is surel..
Oreo Creamy Cheesecake
Truth be told, this cheesecake is not only a wonderful Oreo cheesecake, it is the ultimate delight n..
Parfait Biscotto
Parfait is "Perfect" in French; the Parfait Biscotto Cake is a delicious mixture of perfect chocolat..
Rainbow Cake
Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it. Somewhere o..
Saint Honore Galette
Whatever is the occasion, birthday, anniversary or any important celebration, they will all love to ..
Smarties Kit Kat Cake!
The Smarties Kit Kat Cake is made of chocolate sponge cake, fudge cream, chocolate Smarties on top a..
Spiky Cake
Lovers of chocolate, behold our best selling cake, the Spiky Chocolate. Filled with two layers of ch..
Squared Chocolate Cake
Whatever is the occasion, birthday, anniversary or any important celebration, they will all love to ..
Strawberry Cake
Suitable for any birthday, anniversary, or love and romance, you will find our Strawberry Sunshine C..
Strawberry Heart Cake
The heart shaped black forest for all your love occasions. For those who enjoy the spongy and rich c..
Tiramisu Cake
There is no better way to celebrate that special day than by sending this sweet indulgence to show t..
Vanilla Cherry Cake
This succulent Vanilla Cherry Cake is mind-blowing incredible! Yummy ingredients, and the moist cake..
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